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Wine Destinations

Wine Destinations is a private wine tour business taking Australians to world class wine destinations in luxury for dedicated intimate wine experiences. They specialise in offering their travelers a unique and unforgettable adventure from start to finish in some of the most spectacular wine destinations on the planet.

Using their vast network of wine travel experts they have access to multi award winning world class wineries plus exclusive private access to barrel room tastings and award winning winemakers… although, their tours are much more than just about wine, their wine tours also feature spectacular scenery, luxury accommodation, fine dining and adventurous “must see to believe” side trips.

Fall in love with South Africa!

South Africa… a wine & wildlife paradise. The sheer beauty and diversity of the Cape Winelands is second to none. Combine this with the magic and excitement of a safari in the world famous Kruger National Park… and you have the most private, luxurious and exclusive wine and wild adventure ever planned to South Africa… an opportunity not to be missed. It’s time to build your bucket list…

Join us for the ultimate luxury wine and wild tour that will become a lifelong memory.

Stroll through 350 years of wine history; encounter wines from vineyards made famous by Napoleon, Dickens and European Royal Courts; visit many multi award winning world class wineries; taste a spectrum of premium wines with exclusive private access to barrel room tastings and winemakers; indulge in some of the finest old fashioned South African gourmet hospitality; marvel at breathtaking scenery and revel in one of the world’s most beautiful cities – Cape Town; relax in the sumptuous comfort of 5 star luxury accommodation and transportation… then leave the beautiful Cape… and engage your wild side in the world famous Kruger National Park… feel your pulse quicken at your first close and intimate encounter with one of “the big five”; watch African wildlife in the early hours of the morning at nearby water holes; enjoy a five star lodge that blends elegance of a by-gone colonial era with all the convenience of modern facilities… and after a hard day’s safari, relax by the pool, have a massage, or enjoy another glass of fine South African wine.

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