For the Love of Wine!

Empire Wine Auctions Launching Soon!

Coming soon… Empire Auctions will be running weekly wine & spirit auctions on consignment, so there will always be a great selection of fine, old and collectable wines and spirits available for purchase. Registering as a Buyer is safe, free and secure. Simply provide us with some basic information plus a username and password and you are ready to go. To sell wine on our site you must first be registered as a Seller. To apply to become a registered Seller you will need to go to EMPIRE AUCTIONS and apply for a sellers account. You will be contacted by one of the team within 48hrs. Once approved as a Seller, you are able to list and sell wine on our website.

LAUNCHING SOON! A World of Fine, Old, Rare and Collectible Wine & Spirits is at your fingertips!

NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHING SOON… Empire Auctions Pty Ltd & The Wine Empire Pty Ltd are owned by the Empire Wine Group, a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Driven by a team of dedicated and professional individuals, Empire Auctions operates through state-of-the-art processes, great distribution channels and a large, climate controlled secure warehouse to deliver our wine to you in top condition and with great efficiency.

Registration is free allowing you to bid and win from the comfort of your home or office. Empire Auctions is the online Auction arm of The Wine Empire , a premium wine & spirits merchant specialising in back vintage old & rare wines and highly collectible small batch Single Malt Whiskies and Spirits.

We Care about Wine!

Shipping during periods of extreme heat can damage fine wine. We will not ship your wine if the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius at our warehouse location or your shipping address. Instead, your wine will be held in our warehouse for up to 7 business days at no additional charge until the weather is suitable for shipping. This means that during the summer months, shipment of your wine can be delayed for several weeks.

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